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  • This unique perfume is like a romantic summer night, where charm, warmth and mystery hide in the heart, meaning your every move. It's not just a scent, it's a reflection of your personality. Like in the lap of a summer evening, when the sun sets on the horizon and warm winds carry the aroma of amber. Top notes of bergamot open this olfactory poetry with soft light, like the first shocks of evening sunlight on colored leaves.

    Their heart pulsates like the warmth of a sunset orange melon, which is complemented by a slightly spicy pineapple. These are scents that transport you to the colorful explosion of a tropical collection, combining fruitiness with gentle warmth.

    But the main notes of wood, vanilla and musk reveal the depth and charisma of the perfume. Wood offers them stability, like long-hidden inhabitants of an ancient forest, and the softness of vanilla with the softness of musk glues them to the skin like a warm and intimate second skin.

    Top notes: bergamot.

    Heart notes: melon and pineapple.

    Base notes: wood, vanilla, musk.

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