Ameerat Al Arab Prive Rose home fragrance 300ml

  • Ameerat Al Arab Prive Rose home fragrance 300ml

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  • Ameerat Al Arab Prive Rose is a special fragrance that is wrapped in an aura of luxury, romance and warmth. This perfume combination gives you not only a smell but also a sensation.

    The top notes of the perfume begin their journey with juicy fruit touches and a fresh citrus bath. This soft and refreshing bath transitions into a middle heart note that includes rich floral aromas. The scent of roses and jasmine is especially noticeable, which gives the scent a special sensitivity and romance. Finally, the base note of the perfume gives you warmth and coziness. It exudes a sweet vanilla scent combined with luxurious woody aromas.

    Ameerat Al Arab Prive Rose is a great choice for those who want to emphasize their uniqueness, and the fragrance will give a sense of exclusivity and luxury. This is a scent that can attract attention and leave an indelible impression.

    Top notes: grapes, oranges, mother-in-law.
    Heart notes: rose, jasmine, lily, ylang-ylang, gardenia, white musk.
    Base notes: sandalwood, tonka bean, amber