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  • It is a scent that seems to tell thousands of tales about the mystery of the ancient East and the fire of passion.

    The top notes are dominated by a combination of rich cardamom and mildly spicy cinnamon, which will remind you of aromatic Arabic spices and the warmth of the beginning. It's like an opening chord that goes into an olfactory journey.

    The middle notes are characterized by a refined contrast between black pepper, which gives the aroma strength and passion, and the subtle softness of saffron and cumin. These notes promise you their liveliness while giving you a hint of mystery.

    The base notes develop the content of the aroma to a whole new level. It is a swing of tobacco and vanilla that gives a deeper and more luxurious opening, while the softness of cedar and patchouli calms and gives a long-lasting charm. It is a scent that leaves a unique, distinctive mark.

    This unisex fragrance is more than a scent - it is a journey through time and space, it is an aromatic masterpiece that is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. It is a scent that highlights your uniqueness and creates a special memory.

    Top notes: cardamom, cinnamon
    Middle notes: black pepper, saffron, cumin
    Base notes: tobacco, vanilla, cedar, patchouli

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