Armaf Club De Nuit Sillage

  • Armaf Club De Nuit Sillage

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  • This fragrance opens with energetic top notes that give you a feeling of freshness and dynamism. The smoothness of bergamot goes well with lemon and ginger, adding a little passion and warmth. Black currants and pansy leaves give this fragrance a special character and mystery.

    Middle notes open your heart with romantic and elegant seas of aroma. Rich jasmine adds some softness and floral charm, while iris and rose add liveliness and subtle aristocracy to the fragrance.

    The bottom notes give a lasting impression and vitality. Sandalwood and cedar provide a deep and sophisticated base aroma, while musk and ambroxide add warmth and coziness. This fragrance is an example of impeccable delicacy and elegance that suits both men and women.

    Top Notes Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Ginger, Black Currant, Orphan Leaf
    Middle notes Jasmine, Iris, Rose
    Base notes Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk, Ambroxide

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