Armaf Club De Nuit Untold

  • Armaf Club De Nuit Untold

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  • The top notes start this fragrance gently, making you forget your daily worries. The elegance of saffron radiates, giving you a glimpse of the luxurious life. Then jasmine appears, which complements this luxury with a soft and warm floral aroma, making you feel all the luxury and sensuality.

    The middle notes added even more luxury to this fragrance. Ambergris, with its depth and intensity, gives this fragrance an incredible subtlety. Amberwood brings the softness and warmth of cotton, making you feel warm touches.

    The base notes added stability and solidity to this fragrance. Cedar with its earthy tones brings you back to reality and makes this fragrance suitable for any day. Spruce gives this fragrance a bit of allure and coolness at the same time.

    This unisex fragrance is luxurious, delicate and exclusive, suitable for both men and women who value luxury and elegance in their lives. This is a fragrance that will make you feel uniquely luxurious and glamorous in every moment of your life.

    Top notes Saffron, Jasmine
    Middle notes Ambergris, Amber wood
    Base notes Cedar, Spruce

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