Armaf Club De Nuit White Imperiale

  • Armaf Club De Nuit White Imperiale

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  • At the beginning, you will feel a gently refreshing touch of lychee and bergamot, which, like the first ray of sunlight through the window, reveal all the glory of this fragrance. It's like soft, warm silk wrapping around you.

    The middle notes spread this fragrance to all areas of its luxury. Turkish rose provides the deepest and most charming of your heart, while vanilla and peony gently caress you, creating an incredibly cozy and uniquely feminine feeling. Musk completes this middle stage with a gentle softness that never ends.

    The bottom notes are like a long and warm touch of love. Vanilla and cashmere give this fragrance a particularly long-lasting earthy warmth. Your scent will stay with you for a long time, not letting you forget the luxury of this unique scent.

    This fragrance is more than just an aroma - it is a real luxury and a path of feelings. It is a scent that will leave not only you, but also everyone around you spellbound by your delicate and unique scent. It is a true luxury that captures your style and feeling.

    Top notes Lychee, Bergamot, Nutmeg
    Middle notes Turkish rose, Vanilla, Peony, Musk
    Base notes are Vanilla, Kashmir

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