Bakhoor Khadlaj Azraq 40g

  • Bakhoor Khadlaj Azraq 40g

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  • Incense dominated by damask rose, cedar, musk and sandalwood blend delicately into a special aromatic combination that can be enjoyed by those who value luxury and elegance. This unique combination of scents creates a luxurious, seductive and long-lasting olfactory experience.

    The damask rose at the heart of this incense brings a soft, seductive floral aroma. Its delicacy and exceptional properties of fragrant oil give the incense a romantic and gentle shade. Cedar resin and sandalwood essences add softness and warmth, the combination of which gives the incense a rich and refreshing mood.

    The musk at the base of these incenses adds a touch of luxury and longevity. Its subtlety perfectly harmonizes with the other components, enhancing their intensity and enriching the scent with a soft and modern accent. These incense essences combine luxury, warmth and softness together to create an impressive fragrance harmony that is perfect for different occasions.