Bakhoor Khadlaj Maknoon 48g

  • Bakhoor Khadlaj Maknoon 48g

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  • The incense, in which rose, musk, geranium and amber stand out, creates a special and luxurious harmony of aromas that fascinates with its delicacy and elegance. These incenses convey the scent as a delicate dance accompanied by a floral and sweet world of aromas.

    At the beginning, the scent of this incense stands out with a soft rose, whose flowers add an accord of elegance and romantic warmth. The aroma of the rose is deeper and envelops the whole structure of the fragrance, adding to it aristocracy and tenderness.

    Pelargonium contributes to freshness and warmth. Its aroma is fresh, floral and slightly sweet, giving the incense an excited and lively vibe. It's like delicious green leaves after the rain with a fresh breeze.

    Musk brings an element of softness and purity to these incenses. It is a mood stabilizer that gives the incense an accent of longevity and softness. His touch can be perceived as peace.

    Amber accents can be felt as the sweetness of honey, which is combined with other components that emphasize its richness and richness.