Bakhoor Oud Muattar Khalab 100g

  • Bakhoor Oud Muattar Khalab 100g

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  • At the top, delicate and enchanting notes of rose and gardenia unfold gracefully, filling your space with romantic and floral charm. The sweet and intoxicating aroma of roses intertwines with the creamy and velvety scent of gardenias, creating a charming and elegant opening.

    As the fragrance develops, the musky middle note takes center stage, adding sensuality and warmth to the composition. The musky note adds a subtle yet alluring element, bringing a cozy and inviting aura to your space.

    In the base, timeless and woody notes of sandalwood and cedar anchor the fragrance in rich and earthy tones. Creamy and warm sandalwood blends harmoniously with the aromatic and exciting essence of cedar, creating a solid base that exudes sophistication and serenity.

    Top notes: Rose, Gardenia

    Middle notes: Musk

    Top Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood


    Method of use:

    Place the charcoal on the bukhoor burner and make sure there is foil underneath to prevent overheating. Place the Bukhoor tablet on the charcoal to release a delightful aroma. Store the torch on elevated surfaces away from flames, direct heat and sunlight. For safety reasons, remember to keep it out of the reach of children.