• Emir Cherry Cola

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  • It is a scent that combines imagination with memories, inviting you to immerse yourself in this journey of the world of flavors and aromas. Cherry Cola perfume opens the door to the classic world of drinks, but conveys it in a new and modern way. This perfume composition begins its journey with fresh cherry accents that descend like fragrant cherries in a full glass of ice.

    Inspired by the goodness of cola sodas, the fragrant middle notes develop this story with the addition of Indonesian patchouli and orange blossom. It's like a secret recipe that leaves you with clues.

    But the sharp and stormy path in the top and middle notes gives way to a calm and rounded world of base notes. Brazilian tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla and labdanum form a warm and enveloping veil. It's like sipping a sweet and rich cola when you taste it on your lips...

    This exclusive unisex perfume is extremely long-lasting and memorable. They are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions, and perfectly reflect your unique taste and lifestyle. Cherry Cola perfume is not only a fragrant experience, but also a life philosophy that has no analogues. It is a perfume that stands out from the crowd and becomes the real highlights of your secret. Let this perfume enrich your everyday life with the magical breath of Cherry Cola's enchanted scent.

    Top notes: black cherry, cinnamon, Sicilian lemon, nutmeg.
    Middle notes: cola, Indonesian patchouli, orange blossom
    Base notes: Brazilian tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla, labdanum.

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