Goodness Oud Blanc home fragrance 300ml

  • Goodness Oud Blanc home fragrance 300ml

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  • Snow-white, like a wedding dress, the bottle entices with its minimalism and clarity of lines. Immerse yourself in warm milky-creamy rivers of white and pink musk, swaying on the waves of pleasure and interspersed in a soul tired of doubts. The caressing touch of warm lactonic sandalwood relaxes every cell in the body, filling it with the strong energy of the forest spirit and inner peace. Refreshing, vanilla-lemon magnolia with a light touch of silk on the petals, opens the inner reserves, fills the soul with faith and removes everything bad, leaving it pure, unaffected by negative subconscious emotions. The complex effect of aromatic elements saves from sadness, becomes a healer of heart wounds, opening to harsh, but sincere and categorical black currant.

    Fragrance notes: white musk, musk, bergamot, black currant, tangerine, magnolia, white sandalwood, hedion.