HARMONY CODE INTENSE (Armani code Intense) Arabic perfume

  • HARMONY CODE INTENSE (Armani code Intense) Arabic perfume

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  • Boasting top notes of star anise, grapefruit and mandarin, you'll experience the luxury and glamor of being immersed in the brightest spots of the sky. These exclusive essences will create a priceless passion and wave of energy that will speak to your soul.

    Body-warming aromas of heliotrope and olive blossoms, subtly mixed with cedar and cypress heart notes, create a special atmosphere. It is the mastery of scents that creates the feeling of walking through a flower garden, scented with fresh touches of trees.

    Base notes of vanilla, tonka bean and guaiac wood envelop you like a soft silky cloak, leaving you with a touch and a memory that will last forever. This perfume opens the door to a luxurious area of ​​the world where beauty, vitality and exclusivity break the usual frames and allow your soul to embark on an unfamiliar yet cozy journey. This is not just a perfume - it is a fairy tale, the plot of which is full of your personal experience, and the handwriting of its notes is a hidden choice of your own.

    Top notes: star anise, grapefruit and mandarin.

    Heart notes: heliotrope, olive blossoms, cedar and cypress.

    Base notes: vanilla, tonka bean and guaiac wood.