• Hayaati Royale

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  • This unisex perfume opens the door to a more delicate and at the same time more energetic world, where the luxurious opening notes merge with the bright heart and stable mystery of the base note.

    Top notes reminiscent of the freshness of a juicy plum create a spicy and captivating opening, subtly embellished with the brightness of citrus lemon peel and the soft softness of bergamot.

    The heart notes give the perfume an interesting and at the same time extremely bright composition. The softness of the pineapple subtly blends with the warmth of the hazelnut, while the black pepper adds a touch of passion and curiosity, encouraging you to discover the deeper layers of the aroma.

    The base notes give this perfume a powerful lasting charm. Amber adds warmth and a mysterious power, while patchouli and cedar create a stable, woody base that invites you to embark on an adventurous journey through the depths of this fragrance.

    This unisex perfume is like the mastery of life in a bottle, which encourages a sense of excitement and allows you to discover the beauty hidden in this world. This is a perfume that highlights your individuality and gives you self-confidence, regardless of gender or age.

    Top notes: plum, lemon peel, bergamot.

    Heart notes: pineapple, hazelnut, black pepper.

    Main notes: amber, patchouli, cedar.

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