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  • Intensivo is a unique unisex perfume that combines the power of aromatic luxury and impressive Arab culture. This perfume is a true masterpiece of olfactory alchemy that absorbs you into the mysterious but wonderful spirit of the Arabian world.

    Their fragrance reveals a deep and mysterious aromatic symphony where luxurious materials merge with traditional scents. At the beginning, a spicy accord of cinnamon and black pepper is felt, which gives the scent sharpness and intensity. This first moment is like a journey into the heart of the Arab souks, where a feast of smells and tastes takes place.

    The middle note reveals the exquisite floral scents that take your senses to a mysterious rose garden that blooms only at certain times of the year. The accords of rose, jasmine and creeper give the perfume delicacy and sensitivity in this luxury.

    The final note is like the Arabian Nights, where the stars shine brighter than ever. You can immerse yourself in this bowl of scents with a wet material, silk and ambrosial base. This moment will make you feel the envelope of secrets and luxury of Arab culture.