Khadlaj home fragrance Romancia 320ml

  • Khadlaj home fragrance Romancia 320ml

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  • Its alcohol-free formula and versatile use make it perfect for enhancing the scent of clothes, ironing, curtains, sofas, powder rooms and even your car.

    Top Notes: Cardamom, Orris: The warm and savory notes of cardamom blend with the elegant and powdery scent of orris to create a captivating opening that sets the foundation for the fragrance.

    Middle notes: jasmine, tube rose, ylang ylang: the intoxicating and floral aroma combines with the creamy and sensual notes of tuberose and ylang-ylang, which add elegance and charm to the fragrance.

    Base Notes: Amber Wood, Musk: The rich and warm note of amber wood is complemented by the soft and comforting scent of musk, creating a lasting and harmonious base that lingers in the air.