Khadlaj Jameel oil perfume 25ml

  • Khadlaj Jameel oil perfume 25ml

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  • This perfume composition attracts attention with its versatility, combining the refined aroma of floral chocolate and fresh citrus fruits.

    The notes of the aroma begin with gentle anise, which gives a delicate and interesting spicy accent. Following notes of cedar wood awaken the scent, adding warmth and vibrancy. Citrus fruits infuse accords of freshness and freshness, creating a bright and energetic atmosphere.

    In Jameel's perfume composition, jasmine and rose accents create a harmony of flower petals, enriching the scent with romance and elegance. Cardamom and almonds add a little sweetness.

    Sugar caramel and chocolate notes create a luxurious and sweet accord that gives the perfume a gourmand edge. Floral tones, lily and herbs create a delicate web of scents that envelop you in blossoms and green notes.

    Fragrance notes: Anise, Cedar wood, Citrus fruits, Chocolate, Jasmine, Caramel, Cardamom, Floral notes, Lily, Almond, Rose, Herbs, Vetiver

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