• Khadlaj Nuha

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  • Great perfumes reveal a world of luxurious and cozy aromas, inspiring with the delicacy of different notes. This perfume begins its fragrance with the crisp freshness of an apple, which makes you remember sunshine and a fresh morning. This energy is complemented by a slightly sweet shade of coconut, which gives the scent a special warmth and softness.

    As the perfume's story continues to unfold, the enchanting middle notes come to the fore. Jasmine gives a delicate and cozy floral aroma. The combination of heliotrope and rose brings a mysterious sweetness to the scent that invites you to enjoy every moment.

    The deepest scent is created by the bottom notes, which give the perfume a rich and luxurious impression of a veil of mystery. The warm aroma of sandalwood delicately intertwines with the softness of cashmere, giving the scent elegance and long-lasting charm. Vanilla accords complete this olfactory masterpiece, giving the final impression bright light and sweet softness.

    Top notes Apple, Coconut
    Middle notes are Jasmine, Heliotrope, Rose
    Base notes Sandalwood, Cashmere, Vanilla

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