Lattafa Al Nashama

  • Lattafa Al Nashama

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  • The top notes reveal the intoxicating softness of bergamot, balanced with pink pepper passion chords that seem to flirt with your senses. Inspired by a gentle sunset, Clary Sage infuses this blended harmony of top notes for a subtle herbal allure.

    The journey continues into the middle notes, where black pepper with jasmine subtly expands the range of this perfume tango. Soft plum veins add the deepest intensity and luxury to the pastel shades, creating the impression of the appearance of the moon against the background of the dark trunk of cherry orchards.

    The final accord reveals the essence of the perfume gift set. Patchouli with its powerful earthy aroma attracts your attention, while the softness of moss subtly refreshes the soul. Saffiano leather and amber create a unique feeling of luxury and stunning beauty. This perfume is like a journey to an unknown country, where each scent reveals a new layer of mystery and delight of the soul.

    It is not just a perfume, it is a luxury that becomes a symbol of a lifestyle.

    Top notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, clary sage
    Middle notes: black pepper, jasmine, plum
    Base notes: patchouli, moss, saffiano leather, amber

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