Lattafa Art Of Arabia II

  • Lattafa Art Of Arabia II

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  • This fragrance composition is like a luxurious evening shade. The top notes begin the tale with an intriguing cardamom that opens the door to a mysterious world. The softness of heliotrope intertwines with the light of bergamot and the passion of pink pepper for an elegant and slightly spicy combination.

    Heart notes reveal their deepest layers of inner feelings. The softness of almonds smells like a luxurious sip of a drink, opening the door to a gentle landscape of lavender and jasmine.

    The base notes are like the reflection of leather in luxury mirrors. The softness of vanilla radiates warmth and envelops the fragrance in a gentle embrace, while the deep aroma of Guaiac wood with a hint of Oud begins the tale of a mysterious union of cultures. The calmness of the sandalwood brings a sense of satisfaction, reflected in the calm and deep finish of the fragrance.

    This fragrance is like a sumptuous painting where luxury, mystery and satisfaction come together, shattering ordinary senses and opening the door to a new, luxurious lifestyle.

    Top notes: cardamom, heliotrope, bergamot, pink pepper
    Heart notes: almond, lavender, jasmine
    Base notes: Vanilla, Guaiac wood, Oud, Sandalwood