Lattafa Art Of Arabia III

  • Lattafa Art Of Arabia III

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  • Inspired by luxury and mystery, this fragrance can be compared to luxurious evening rituals. The top notes reveal their interesting and extraordinary character with subtly mature tones. Davana's fresh and at the same time more delicate scent with a soft aroma of olibanum speaks at the beginning of the inhalation, while the light of bergamot adds a little invigorating citrus softness.

    The heart notes subtly color the space with a luxurious flowing aroma based on exotic ingredients. Dates add warmth and luxury, combined with tuberose to create an impressive and deep tone. A whiff of tobacco adds depth and mystery, while the subtlety of sandalwood transports you to a mysterious world reminiscent of an ancient palace where the mysterious surfaces of stories hide.

    The main notes, which can be called the spirit of this fragrance, reveal a deep, luxurious and long-lasting impression. The softness of tonka beans and the softness of myrrh subtly complement each other, creating a special harmony. The warm and sweet scent of vanilla subtly complements the impression of labdanum and patchouli, giving a long-lasting, luxurious and unique sensation on the skin.

    Top notes: Davana, Olibanum, Bergamot
    Heart notes: dates, tuberose, tobacco, sandalwood
    Base notes: tonka bean, myrrh, vanilla, labdanum, patchouli