Lattafa Asad Zanzibar

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  • Enter a world where the touch of love meets elegance and exclusivity. We present to you an extraordinary perfume creation that will leave an indelible impression and lift you to heights previously unattainable.

    The new perfume of 2024 features unique aroma notes that combine impressive ingredients from around the world.

    The luxurious combination of black pepper and lavender opens the door to an unusual and charming world where every moment is full of unexpected adventures. Fresh and fragrant black pepper blends with lavender accords, giving you a strong and captivating first impression.

    Coconut water, iris and salt - reveal the composition of the perfume in an impressive way. Coconut water transports your imagination to exotic islands, while iris with salt gives a subtle but noticeable sound of sea waves.

    The base notes finish this fragrance with the softness of vanilla, which exudes unusual warmth and luxury, while the incense adds depth and mystery that will hook and captivate anyone who dares to dive into this extravaganza of the fragrance world.

    This new perfume of 2024 not only boosts self-confidence, but also highlights your individuality and uniqueness.

    It's not just a smell, it's an experience you'll want to experience again and again. Let yourself be embodied in this unique perfume creation and let your scent speak for itself.

    Top notes: black pepper and lavender;

    Middle notes: coconut water, iris and salt;

    Base notes: vanilla and incense.

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