• Lattafa Embrace

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  • The perfume starts with a refreshing burst of top notes. Bergamot, known for its fresh and citrusy aroma, gives the composition a bright and uplifting quality. Ginger adds spiciness and a slightly sweet note, while armoise (wormwood) adds herb and aromatics.

    As the fragrance unfolds, the heart notes are revealed, giving a sense of depth and complexity. Rich and earthy notes of patchouli take center stage, giving the scent a warm and grounding character. Spruce balsam gives a forest, resinous quality that evokes the peace of nature. Frankincense adds an intriguing smokiness and spirituality to the mix.

    In the base, Embrace Perfume creates a harmonious and long-lasting drydown. Ambergris offers subtle marine and animal notes that enhance the depth of the fragrance. Benzoin, with its sweet and resinous aroma, gives a warm and exciting sensation. Oakmoss, known for its earthy and green scent, adds a classic and sophisticated touch to the composition.

    Top notes: bergamot, ginger, armoise
    Heart notes: patchouli, fir balsam, incense
    Main notes: ambergris, benzoin, oak moss