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  • These special scent symphonies are like the poetry of Arab culture - subtle and powerful. A luxurious fragrance inspired by the deep Arabian heritage reveals a vivid world where luxury, history and eternity are intertwined.

    The top notes begin this fragrance journey with fresh and spicy nuances of lemon and bergamot. The taste of lemon is like the smile of the orange sun, and the softness of bergamot is like the kiss of dawn in the desert sands. Sage and juniper berry accords bring a touch of elegance and warmth, like ancient Arabic architecture, wrapped in shades of gold.

    The heart notes reveal the heart of the fragrance, bringing the scent of cardamom as a morning aroma to the market streets. White tea, soft and calm like the evening sun spreading in the fog, gently breathes the accents of the heart. The composition of sandalwood and olibanum absorbs the scent of mysterious deserts and the historical scent of the Arab golden ages.

    The scent of Ambra as luxury and sophistication, equal to the beauty of Arab royal palaces. Patchouli and cedar bring a fresh and strong aroma, like a hollow desert chariot ready for adventure. Cashmere, soft and luxurious, warms the heart like the home of an Arab family in a large oasis.

    Top notes: lemon, bergamot, sage, juniper berries.

    Heart notes: cardamom, white tea, sandalwood, olibanum.

    Main notes: ambergris, patchouli, cedar, cashmere.

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