Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait

  • Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait

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  • The elegant harmony in the composition of the aroma creates the feeling that the perfume is exclusive and special.

    The first chords of the perfume are defined by the fresh aroma of apple, which gives a little sweetness. Bergamot adds delicacy and freshness, while ginger gives the perfume a touch of spiciness and mild passion.

    Sage, juniper berries and lavender form the heart of the perfume. These middle note components give the perfume a deeper and more intense character. Sage brings a slightly aromatic, warm, soft heady country, juniper berries add a bit of spiciness, and lavender adds a subtle herbaceous floral aroma that adds luxury and sophistication.

    Finally, the base notes of the perfume reveal amber wood, tonka bean, vetiver and cedar. These heavy and deeper notes give the perfume a sense of exclusivity and subtle luxury. Amberwood brings warmth and coziness, tonka bean adds a sweet touch of vanilla, while vetiver and cedarwood add earthiness and intensity, creating an impressive and long-lasting perfume trail.

    This perfume is like a luxurious painting, created from delicate aromas that merge into a harmonious whole, providing a memorable and exclusive olfactory experience.

    Top notes: apple, ginger, bergamot.
    Middle notes: sage, juniper berries, lavender.
    Base notes: amber wood, tonka bean, vetiver, cedar.

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