Lattafa Pride Gharam

  • Lattafa Pride Gharam

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  • The beginning of spring brings a soft and seductive fragrance, each chord of which tells its own story of delicacy and luxury. The top notes reveal the fresh aroma of pear and fresh tangerine, like a gentle breeze carrying spring flowers. Their softness subtly matures with luxurious pineapple accents, giving this fragrance an unusual light and energy.

    Next, the middle notes bring you to a flower garden, where each flower invites you to get acquainted. Jasmine sambac takes root in the heart and gently gives warmth and a gust of love, while magnolias subtly spread their romantic and luxurious aroma, as if caught in spring sunlight.

    Finally, the base notes bring vitality and a sense of deep luxury. Amber gives this fragrance a sense of mystery, while the softness of cashmere envelops the environment in luxury and elegance. The warmth of sandalwood and musk create an intense, captivating accord, while praline gently finishes this luxurious fragrance, giving it a subtle, sweet trace of luxury.

    Top notes: pear, tangerine, pineapple.

    Middle notes: jasmine sambac, magnolia.

    Base notes: amber, cashmere wood, sandalwood, musk, praline.