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  • Lattafa Jasoor unisex perfume, fragrant and subtle reveals a stylish and special personality, combining luxurious softness with bold individuality. This perfume opens the door to an unusual world of aromas, where the top notes exude freshness and energy.

    Bergamot, cardamom and apple form a fresh triumvirate of top notes that make you feel clear and optimistic. In the heart notes, fragrant lavender merges with geranium and tobacco, giving the perfume accents of vibrancy and subtle sophistication.

    Patchouli, leather, vetiver and tonka bean appear in the base notes, giving way to deeper, luxurious shades. These materials give the perfume a unique importance and luxury, while at the same time creating a lasting impression. This unisex perfume is like a mysterious song that reveals its sound and charm only to those who dare to penetrate its delicate world. Lattafa Jasoor is an aromatic journey that encourages you to discover yourself and others in new, unique ways.

    Top notes: Base notes: bergamot, cardamom, apple
    Heart notes: fragrance: lavender, geranium, tobacco
    Base notes: fragrance: patchouli, leather, vetiver, tonka bean

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