Niche Emarati Khalid

  • Niche Emarati Khalid

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  • Lattafa Khalid Niche Emarati is a real fragrance masterpiece that suits both men and women. This creation conveys luxury and exclusivity from its inspiration, with luxurious top notes of saffron, labdanum and leather. It is a triumph of fragrances that enchants with luxury and mystery.

    The middle notes reveal its essence, adding aromas of birch, cadmium and patchouli. Birch adds warmth and softness, while kadai adds a deeper, refined flavor. Patchouli brings a bit of mystery and interest to this symphony of scents.

    Just as you begin to feel the base notes, Khalid Niche Emarati reveals its ultimate luxury to you. Benzoin, agarwood, tolu balm and leather fragrance create a luxurious, long-lasting base. These fragrance notes are characterized by a deep, rich and rounded aroma that lingers on the skin throughout the day.

    Lattafa Khalid Niche Emarati is a fragrance that highlights your personality and style. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of luxury and become extremely charming and memorable. This fragrance not only perfectly reflects your uniqueness, but also attracts glances and temptations, making you feel special every day.

    Khalid Niche Emarati is an unforgettable brand in the world of luxury and elegance.

    Top notes: saffron, labdanum, leather;

    Middle notes: birch, cadmium, patchouli;

    Base notes: benzoin, agarwood, tolu balm, leather.