Lattafa La Collection D'antiquites 1505

  • Lattafa La Collection D'antiquites 1505

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  • This fragrance is timeless, because it contains the secret of eternity and unique luxury, inspiring and fascinating, like the stars of the night in the dark sky.

    The top notes start with the softness of black cherry, which transitions to a subtle but bright shade of saffron. These high accords are closely intertwined, creating an unusual and luxurious impression that invites you to begin a journey through the secrets of the aroma.

    The middle notes reveal the floral softness of Osmanthus, accompanied by the freshness of olibanum and the soothing warmth of Amyris. These harmonious accords give the fragrance vitality and energy of life.

    The base notes, like a luxurious breeze, bring the warmth of balsam, the power of styrax, the purity of cypress and the luxury of guaiac wood. These powerful accords create a lasting, touching trail that reveals the depth and richness of the aroma that stays with you long after you've parted ways with him.

    This is not just an aroma, it is a journey to a luxurious area of ​​the world, where each accord reveals its unique and exquisite beauty, which can only be appreciated by those who are ready to look at the world with openness and attention to detail.

    Top notes: black cherry, saffron.
    Middle notes: Osmanthus, olibanum, Amyris.
    Main notes: balsam, styrax, cypress, guaiac wood.