Lattafa Musamam White Intense

  • Lattafa Musamam White Intense

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  • Lattafa Musamam White Intense is a perfume that elevates your personality to an extraordinary realm of luxury and exclusivity. This unisex perfume is like music that wafts through the air and envelops you in its elegance. It is not just a perfume - it is a creation that creates a special atmosphere where delicacy and luxury come together.

    This perfume composition is a delicate combination of floral, fruity and woody aromas, created in such a way that each layer is like a string of notes that creates a harmonious melody. At the beginning, you will feel the shock of scents, in which gentle flora natures intertwine with a fruity heart reminiscent of a luxurious orchard.

    At the heart of the perfume lies an incredibly luxurious combination of trees, which gives the perfume a long-lasting and memorable aroma. These are fragrances that not only radiate luxury, but also nurture your character, giving it uniqueness and unique charm.

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