Lattafa Niche Emarati Mughal Fort

  • Lattafa Niche Emarati Mughal Fort

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  • The luxury of this fragrance exudes depth and subtlety, with top, heart and base notes that create a special and memorable impression.

    At the beginning, the captivating accords of cardamom and pink pepper greet you. The warmth of cardamom subtly matures, while the spice of pink pepper adds some intrigue and mild spiciness.

    Next, the heart notes are revealed, luxuriously wrapped in a gourmet bouquet of cedar and caramel. The scent of cedar gives a deeper and more intense tone, while the sweetness and softness of caramel creates coziness and luxury.

    The final accord descends into a harmonious combination between the softness of vanilla, the warmth of musk and the delicate body of amber. The softness of vanilla envelops you like a warm cloak, the warmth of musk inspires calm and intimacy, and the amber adds a deep and enigmatic luxury, giving the fragrance long-lasting memorability.

    This luxurious fragrance is like an exotic and enveloping walk through the mysterious land of the East, where luxury, warmth and mystery merge, leaving an impression that you want to remember and experience again and again.

    Top notes: cardamom, pink pepper

    Heart notes: cedar, caramel

    Base notes: vanilla, musk, amber

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