Lattafa Pride Ajwaa

  • Lattafa Pride Ajwaa

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  • This fragrance reveals its luxury and delicacy from the first chords. The top notes open the door to the anthill with enchanting accents of bergamot and lemon, enriched with mildly sweet dates. These chords are like a skillfully assembled drawing that opens the way to the luxurious world of heart notes.

    As you move into the heart notes, you inhale the softly sweet licorice, which joins with the myrrh to create a warm and invigorating burst of aroma. These notes create an intimate, but at the same time expressive impression, which seems to invite you to a mysterious journey in search of inner peace.

    Impressive base notes meet in the deepest structure of the fragrance. The combination of benzoin and incense gives the fragrance a vibrancy with an aura of luxury that lingers long after the smoke dissipates. These notes not only enrich the fragrance, but also give it a lasting impression, like a harmonious chord that flutters through the air like an elegant dance.

    Top notes: bergamot, dates, lemon.

    Heart notes: licorice, myrrh.

    Base notes: benzoin, incense.