Lattafa Pride Lahdath

  • Lattafa Pride Lahdath

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  • Never miss an opportunity to become the Queen of the evening.
    I walk barefoot through the rose garden of Damascus, their scent is mesmerizing... The fog that hides everything, strengthens the imagination, in this dreamy journey. The steps become slower and slower, as if to absorb the full taste of boundless freedom. The spikes cause a pleasant tingling sensation, suddenly penetrating the entire body to the fingertips.
    The essences of the precious rose begin with the first violin, accompanied by a pleasant citrus aroma.
    The aroma spreads in a bouquet of the most beautiful floral tones, flavored with caramel, which creates a combination of sensuality and femininity with a drop of romance.
    A provocative and seductive scent. Vanilla whispers sweetly, holding hands with musk and covering the naked body. Cedar brings back memories

    Then the woody accents boldly reveal themselves, joined by the juiciest musk pheromone with a harsh sound. I will never forget this bloom...

    Top notes: Rose, Lemon
    Middle notes: Rose, Caramel, Wood
    Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Cedar