• Lattafa Pride MASA

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  • This unisex perfume luxury in an exquisite exclusive collection is the perfect combination of luxury, exclusivity and subtle elegance. Its incomparable aroma floats through three harmoniously balanced notes, revealing an exquisite taste of life.

    The top notes inspire luxury, starting with saffron, which gives the perfume a mysterious and deeply felt warmth. Lemon adds a touch of freshness, while pink pepper and mango add a subtle fruitiness that draws you into the beginning of this fragrance's journey.

    The middle notes are violet leaves and osmanthus, which give the perfume a deeper and more charming character. Orange blossoms add softness, while ginger brings a touch of passion and spicy notes that gently remind you of your perfume journey.

    The base notes combine luxury and delicacy. Eternal flower reveals a seductive softness, while mineral amber adds depth and mystery. Patchouli and suede create a rich base that establishes the uniqueness and lasting impression of this fragrance creation.

    This unisex perfume in an exclusive collection is a great opportunity to emphasize your individuality and adorn yourself with a delicate and luxurious aroma that becomes your unique signature. Inspired by these luxurious notes, you will awaken the senses and leave a unique impression in each of your days.

    Top notes - saffron, lemon, pink pepper, mango.

    Middle notes - osmanthus, violet leaves, orange blossoms, ginger.

    The main notes are eternal flower, mineral amber, patchouli, suede.