Lorinna Almaz Extrait De Perfume

  • Lorinna Almaz Extrait De Perfume

    Capacity (ml)
  • A fragrant, masterfully composed perfume masterpiece created to embody masculinity and sophistication. This perfume perfectly describes the strong, charismatic personality of a man, offering a delicate and exclusive aroma.

    Almaz Extrait De Perfume presents an interesting combination between gentle warmth and powerful elegance. At its beginning, a delicate combination of citrus fruits is revealed, giving accents of freshness. These fresh notes move into deeper, inspiring aromatic worlds, where fragrant nuances of sea buckthorn, exotic flowers and the softness of sand are revealed.

    Almaz is a perfume in which each note is individually delicate, but together form a harmonious whole. Their intensity and long-term impact perfectly describe the dynamism and unique experience of the modern man. It is a unique creation that inspires confidence, sophistication and independence.