Lorinna Bubble Gum Extrait De Perfume

  • Lorinna Bubble Gum Extrait De Perfume

    Capacity (ml)
  • An exclusive perfume composition that fascinates with its uniqueness and elegance. This delicate fragrance invites you on a mysterious journey where the top, middle and base notes create a unique harmony.

    The top notes hide a charming ensemble of fruits - a gourmet's dream that subtly draws you into the world of fairy tales. Cherries, raspberries and black currants subtly entice, giving the perfume a combination of freshness and sweetness.

    Middle notes express tenderness and romance. Orange blossom, rose, peach and apricot create an elegant floral ensemble that leaves a touch on your skin as a memory of love.

    The base notes introduce a sense of vitality and warmth to the perfume. Musk, cedar and ambroxan subtly envelop you like a sweet memory and give longevity to this unique perfume creation.

    Top notes: cherry, raspberry, black currant;
    Middle notes: orange blossom, rose, peach, apricot;
    Base notes: musk, cedar, ambroxan.