Lorinna Orange Pie home fragrance 130ml

  • Lorinna Orange Pie home fragrance 130ml

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  • Room freshener Lorinna Orange Pie - 130 ml: the aroma of "orange pie" is the essence of the holidays.

    Transform your home into a holiday oasis with Lorinna's Orange Pie room scent. This 130ml air freshener, infused with heady notes of orange pie, captures the essence of the holidays and brings warmth and coziness into your home. It is a great gift that enriches and sweetens any moment.

    Delicious orange cake flavor. Inspired by homemade desserts, Lorinna Orange Pie is a symphony of scents interwoven with aromatic orange peel. Refreshing orange peel and delicate sweetness of soft dough. A hint of vanilla adds extra complexity, creating a pleasant and enveloping atmosphere in every corner of your home.