Lorinna Tobacco Red Extrait De Perfume

  • Lorinna Tobacco Red Extrait De Perfume

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  • This fragrance begins its journey with energetic top notes that glow like a ray of sunshine. Bergamot, lemon, orange, clementine and cinnamon subtly dance in a lively and transparent harmony that makes you remember a sunny summer day.

    The middle notes seem to tell the deep parts of the story, enriching the scent with rose, patchouli, juniper and lavender. Rose gives a romantic soft emotion, patchouli draws you in with its deep and enveloping aroma, juniper adds mystery, and lavender brightens all these deeper shades of notes.

    The plot of the perfume culminates with impressive base notes that shape its long-lasting memorability. A touch of tobacco, amber and vanilla give the perfume exceptional warmth and enveloping luxury. Sandalwood, cedar and musk inhale with the air, giving this fragrance stability and vitality.

    Top notes: bergamot, lemon, orange, clementine, cinnamon.
    Middle notes: rose, patchouli, juniper, lavender.
    Base notes: tobacco, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, musk.