Lueur D'espoir Ambre

  • Lueur D'espoir Ambre

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  • This unisex fragrance is like a mysterious path into the world of luxurious and wonderful fragrances. Its composition of delicate and luxurious aromas allows you to experience all the goodness that natural essences can offer.

    The softness of pelargonium reveals itself delicately, gently enveloping it like a silk cloak. This is a perfume that captivates your senses.

    This fragrance reveals the warm and soothing power of amber, as if you were surrounded by the shadows of the trees. Its subtle benzoin flare adds a deeper layer, like a luxurious jewelry creation. The softness and freshness of the birch gives a little breeze that goes well with the perfume on the skin.

    Finally, incense and saffron give this fragrance a sense of tension and mystery. It is a fragrance that will take you on a wonderful journey through rich and luxurious aromas.

    This unisex fragrance is a great opportunity to express your uniqueness and create a luxurious everyday life. This is a scent that will make you feel special and unique every day.

    Fragrance notes: Agarwood (oud), geranium, raspberry, rose, amber, benzoin, birch, incense and saffron.

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