Maahir Legacy home fragrance 300ml

  • Maahir Legacy home fragrance 300ml

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  • An aroma that will take you to the space of luxury and sophistication of the Eastern world. This perfume is made up of great ingredients that will give you a lasting memory…

    This perfume starts with an aroma that opens the door to the world of luxury. Powerful notes of bergamot and citrus blend with subtle fruit accents, creating a fresh yet warm atmosphere.

    Next, the perfume reveals a middle note that is powerful and sophisticated. From flowers to fruits and spices, this middle note is subtle yet intense. Among these ingredients is musk, which gives the aroma an even stronger character....

    The last notes are wood and vanilla notes that give lightness and sophistication. All this combination gives you a fragrance that is luxurious, powerful and subtle.

    Fragrance notes: citrus fruits, grapefruit, lavender, pine cones, pineapple, juniper berries, rosemary, olibanum resinoids, geranium, black pepper, vetiver, cashmere, ambrox, oakmoss and tonka bean, bergamot, vanilla.