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  • Breathe in the poetry of scents, luxurious and memorable, like an exquisite painting, when you imagine these scents…

    The luxurious fragrance bursts like sunlight through the morning mist, beginning its journey with a fresh grapefruit accord that sparkles like an early spring rain. Soft notes of wild berries swirl in the air like dancing lilies in the fields, their softness awakens together with the warm and luxurious inviting smile of ylang-ylang flowers.

    Then the middle notes break out, like the singing of birds in an ensemble of lilies of the valley, the gusto of jasmine and the softness of the scent of orange blossoms. These scents are not just simple flower crowns, they are closely intertwined with the romantic enlightenment of coconuts, like a mysterious tropical forest that spreads the surprises of a bunch of love and excitement.

    Finally, as a background note, the base notes transport you to a lively and warm oasis surrounded by musk. Peaches and apricots, like ripe fruit, provide the deepest luxury, while cedar wood tones create a lasting impression, similar to the most luxurious party vows.

    This perfume not only emits a scent, but also tells a story, a story of a luxurious and unique harmony of feelings that really needs to be experienced. It's not just a scent - it's a creation that expands and confirms your individuality, reveals the depth of your soul, like a luxurious painting, different lights and shadows of notes.

    Top notes: grapefruit, ylang-ylang, rhubarb, wild berries
    Middle notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, orange blossom, coconut
    Base notes: musk, peach, apricot, cedar

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