• Malikat Al Malaika

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  • Ard Al Shuyukh Malikat Al Malaika is a perfume that combines the rich citrus freshness of bergamot with luxurious and warm aromatic nuances to create a completely unique scent.

    This perfume opens with a refreshing citrus accord of bergamot, which is luxuriously complemented by warm, velvety cinnamon spices and elegant clary sage. This beginning is like a favorite holiday adventure, bringing a wave of energy and freshness.

    Further, the heart of the perfume captivates your senses - the fresh creamy scent of praline, melting sweet fruits, nuances of tuberose in the scent mist. It is a fragrance that inspires romantic dates and has a subtle sensuality.

    Ard Al Shuyukh Malikat Al Malaika's fragrance is completed by the base, which creates a luxurious trail of fragrance. Here the sensual sweetness of vanilla blends with the spicy aromas of precious woods, sweet smoky oud, smoky aromatic myrrh, spicy tonka bean and vanilla resin benzoin. This powerful foundation gently shimmers in the rays of refined amber, leaving an extraordinary, luxurious and long-lasting impression.