• Mystic Leather

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  • Welcome to the world of mysterious luxury, where there exists a perfume whose essence is colored by dry wood, saffron and incense, top notes that reveal a mysterious and inspiring beginning like melodic chords.

    The heart notes are like a chain of pure gold, woven from the power of amber, gently smothered by the sweetness of sugar cane, leather notes enlivened by silk and the depth provided by the viola. It is a song of the heart that stretches gently and wisely, subtly enveloping your senses.

    But that's not all, the base notes take this fragrance to new heights, revealing a combination of patchouli, sandalwood and guaiac wood. It is like a journey through the realms of time and space, where energy merges with luxury, and the scent becomes not only a perfume, but also a distinctive sign of a lifestyle to share with the world.

    This fragrance is not just a combination of scents, it is a real art, where each note reveals a mysterious and exclusive story, making you feel a flow of specialness and luxury that you really want to experience again and again.

    Top notes: dry wood, saffron, incense.

    Heart notes: amber, sugar cane, leather, viola.

    Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, guaiac wood.

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