Paris Corner December Rose

  • Paris Corner December Rose

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  • December Rose is an enchanting unisex fragrance that captures the timeless charm of blossoming romance and crisp winter days. This sophisticated fragrance under the Paris Corner brand is a delicate symphony of notes.

    Top notes of blueberry and tangerine intertwine at the top to create a fresh and refreshing burst that reflects the crisp December air. This initial embrace sets the stage for an olfactory journey that is both invigorating and seductive.

    As the fragrance develops, the heart notes come alive with a graceful dance of rose, geranium and magnolia. This flower bouquet adds elegance and warmth, reminiscent of a blooming winter garden. These middle notes contribute to the refined charm of the fragrance.

    The last act of the December rose unfolds in the base notes, leaving a lasting and memorable trace. Musk provides a subtle sensuality, while patchouli provides a grounding depth that anchors the fragrance. The combination of these base notes creates a harmonious and enduring foundation, making December Rose an essential companion for any occasion.

    Top notes: blueberries, tangerines

    Middle notes: rose, geranium, magnolia

    Base notes: musk, patchouli