Paris Corner Killer Oud Midnight Ecstasy

  • Paris Corner Killer Oud Midnight Ecstasy

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  • It is a subtle, yet bright essence of oriental richness, where several extraordinary aromas come together. It's like a heart-touching movement through memories of exotic black pepper, romantic rose and powerful oud notes.

    In the first stage of the chords, they are joined together by a sharp and eye-catching look of black pepper, like dancing fireworks in the night sky. It's a very engaging inspiration. Roses bring a touch of romance and warmth in these passionate notes, along with the exciting pleasure of oud wood.

    As if starting a journey, notes of smoky incense and olibanum slowly open up, giving a sense of personality. It's like particles of a mysterious oriental holiday ritual that greet you in the light of the holy scent.

    At the end, the finish of the fragrance is marked by creamy sandalwood - calm, but not long-lasting, like myra's exploration of oblivion in the dark depths of the night. It is a delicate harmony of scents where each ingredient blends together to give you a unique sensation and experience.

    The perfume "Killer Oud Midnight Ecstasy" is not only a special composition, but also a symbol of a long-lasting aroma. It's like a warm, fresh air that envelops you throughout the day, gently reminding you of this magical night.

    Top note: black pepper
    Heart notes: rose, plum, liqueur
    Base notes: leather, sandalwood

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