Paris Corner North Stag Expressions II Deux

  • Paris Corner North Stag Expressions II Deux

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  • This fragrance is luxurious and engrossing like an oriental alchemy jewel as it touches your natural charm at the very beginning. The first whiff envelops your senses with a subtle apple blossom, providing a light and playful opening tone. Then, as the moon spreads across the sky, accords of lavender and bergamot are revealed, touching your skin like a breeze on a still night.

    The middle notes bring a floral softness, like the first rays of the sun breaking through the clouds. The geranium, violet and jasmine, each unique in its own way, blend together like the details of a painting to form a living, fragrant picture. It is a luxury that touches your soul and begins to reveal its deep nature.

    The main notes create a powerful and unforgettable ending, like a grand celebratory march. The warmth of vanilla envelops, while cardamom and pepper add spiciness and sophistication. Sandalwood, patchouli and guaiac wood create a fresh, long-lasting impression that stays with you like a luxurious secret that you touch and feel every time this fragrance envelops you. It is a scent that directs attention and stumbles with its powerful and expressive character, leaving the luxury of reflections on those around it.

    Top notes: apples, lavender, bergamot, mandarins.
    Middle notes: geranium, violet, jasmine.
    Base notes: vanilla, cardamom, sandalwood, pepper, patchouli, guaiac wood