• Pendora Femme Noir

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  • A true masterpiece of fragrances, creating an incredible symphony of feelings that fascinates and fascinates at the same time. It is a real luxury that makes you feel a sense of luxury and mystery.

    The top of this perfume opens a olfactory journey with black currants that give a little care and deeper feelings. Black figs add softness and juiciness, while attracting attention with their mysterious aroma. Creepers, subtly branching, gently finish the top, adding a floral warmth to this perfume.

    As the fragrances sink into the heart, they open up to a middle that is dominated by a combination of tuberose and frangipani. Tuberose, with its azure and sensual aromas, gives this perfume a deeper and more intense character, while frangipani adds a touch of lightness and softness.

    The base, sandalwood and vanilla, brings all the components of this perfume together and gives it a sense of confidence and lasting charm. Sandalwood provides warmth and soothing power, while vanilla adds a touch of softness and sweetness that lingers on the skin.

    Pendoro Femme Noir is a masterfully crafted combination of extremely unique women's perfumes that exude individuality and elegance. This is a perfume that not only charms you, but also inspires you to feel special and mysterious.

    Top: black currants, black figs and creepers
    Middle: Tuberose, frangipani
    Base: Sandalwood, vanilla