RIIFFS Celesto Turquoise

  • RIIFFS Celesto Turquoise

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  • It's a scent that transports you to a world where the sun shines with the bright blue colors of the sky and the storms of the sea breathe with salty crystals. This luxurious fragrance inhales its deep, as if boundless sea mist, in which exquisite charm is intertwined.

    Its light but intense middle chord gives you the same joy that time felt, allowing you to experience the charm and freedom of the sea beach.

    The deep trace of the aroma speaks of the hard-to-reach depths of the sea, where the main notes weave into a bright line of accords of trees and moist earth. It is a journey into the depths of the sea, where the eddies of the sea collide with the strength of nature, giving you the same sense of power and subtle mystery.

    RIIFFS Celesto Turquoise is not just a scent, it is an emotional journey into a luxurious and mysterious world where your senses are nourished by the essence of goodness and freedom. It is a fragrance that lifts you up, lifts your spirit and brings you special memories.