Rovena NICHE (Nishane Ani)

  • Rovena NICHE (Nishane Ani)

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  • This perfume is like a fairy tale where the scents merge and sound in harmony.

    The top notes begin this tale with passionate ginger and gentle bergamot, giving you shades of energy and freshness. Pink pepper and green notes add a touch of passion and mystery that inspires your everyday routine.

    The middle notes are like the heart of this fragrance fairy tale. Cardamom will start a dance with black currants, which together with Turkish rose create an elegant and gentle aromatic accord. These notes create a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere that leaves nothing to be desired.

    The base notes are like the epilogue of a fairy tale, starting with the warmth of vanilla, the freshness of benzoin and the softness of sandalwood. Cedar and ambergris add texture and depth, while patchouli and musk give the perfume long-lasting endurance and unparalleled warmth. These are fragrances that will stay with you long after you smell them.

    Rovena Niche unisex perfume is like an artistic scent painting, where each layer reveals a new secret. These are fragrances that will tell your unique chapter of the tale and add glamor to your life.

    Top notes: ginger, bergamot, pink pepper and green notes;
    Middle notes: cardamom, black currant and Turkish rose;
    base notes: vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, cedar, amber, patchouli and musk.

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