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  • Top notes of saffron and labdanum subtly open the door to the world of this fragrance, sending the scent deeper into its natural essence.

    The middle note with birch resin reveals its body, like a mysterious forest path with ancient trees and leaves, saturated with stories captured in that very moment.

    Base notes consisting of benzoin and agarwood (Oud) give this fragrance its uniqueness and liveliness. The warm and sweet aroma of benzoin combines with the mystique of agarwood and woody flowers, taking you on a unique olfactory journey.

    This unisex fragrance is not just a scent, it is a luxury that sends your senses back to the past, opens the door to the future and subtly reveals your personal uniqueness. It is a scent that not only captures a moment, but becomes your own luxury that you surrender and share with the world.

    Top notes are saffron and labdanum;

    middle notes are birch resin;

    Base notes are benzoin and agarwood (Oud).

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