Spray home fragrance Lamaar Eshq Khadlaj 300ml

  • Spray home fragrance Lamaar Eshq Khadlaj 300ml

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  • The fragrance story of Eshq Air Freshener begins with a bright top note. Refreshing fruity notes blend with the refreshing aroma of tangerine to create a refreshing opening. The addition of pink pepper adds a subtle spice that sparks interest, while the star anise adds a sweet licorice scent that further complements this interesting blend.

    As the fragrance unfolds, you are drawn to the heart notes, a real bouquet of floral sensations. The light, peppery aroma of freesia blends beautifully with the sweet, almond-like scent of heliotrope. The blend is further enriched with the intoxicating scent of jasmine, the delicate scent of rolling hills and the refreshing scent of orange blossoms. Orchid completes this bouquet with its uniquely exotic, slightly powdery aroma, adding complexity and charm to the blend.

    The fragrance's journey ends with a rich, grounding base. Amber, with its marine, slightly sweet aroma, blends beautifully with the strong, woody scent of cedar. Leather adds masculinity to the blend, while moss adds an earthy, woodsy scent. The soothing scent of musk and the sweet, earthy aroma of patchouli further enhance the overall richness and longevity of this air freshener, leaving a lasting, memorable impression.

    Eshq air freshener is a feast of scents, carefully blending different elements to transform your space and delight the senses. It is an invitation to experience the art of perfume in your home, office or any other space where you desire freshness and elegance.